Genre is Obsolete 5

by Adam Lehrer It has been a long time since I last published this column (which I plan on doing again on a regular basis) — since February 19, to be exact — and in… Read More »Genre is Obsolete 5

Decades of Dirt Vol. 1

by Joe Scibelli Black metal is one of few genres that over the years has remained transgressive in its aesthetics and its politics. In a cultural landscape wherein ostensibly subversive art unfailingly ends up reproducing… Read More »Decades of Dirt Vol. 1

Genre is Obsolete 4

By Adam Lehrer Life has taken on a disconcerting aura of unreality during this pandemic. No one is really sure whether these lockdowns or wearing these masks are doing a thing to protect us. Dr.… Read More »Genre is Obsolete 4

Notes on 100 Gecs

by Cormac Fleming “I don’t really know what a money machine is. Like there’s the gun kind that shoots money, and then there’s like the kind that sorts the money at like the bank, and… Read More »Notes on 100 Gecs